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Christine Breese, Ph.D. was born June 6, 1965 on the East Coast of the United States and grew up in Pennsylvania in the surrounding rural areas outside Philadelphia. She has one sister and wonderful parents who are both still alive and well.

As a child, she always was a deep thinker and asked the larger questions in life. She spent a lot of time contemplating what life meant, and was brought up to be very spiritually oriented. Her mother was a devout Christian and taught Christine Breese about many Christian concepts. Christine memorized entire portions of the Bible and studied avidly, planning on becoming a missionary, as per her mother’s encouragement.

However, in her teens Christine Breese began to question Christianity and wanted to study other religions as well. While she still considered Christianity a wonderful religion, she did not feel complete without also educating herself about other religions that also seemed to have validity. She decided that she wanted to see what all religions had in common and find out what was at the core of all three religions. She found that at the core of each religion were 1) a belief in a higher force, and 2) Do the right thing and be kind to others.

Christine adopted these common factors in the vast array of religions she studied and went on to be quite spiritual, although she could no longer say that she was a part of any certain religion. Eventually she began to teach meditation classes and wrote her first book.

Christine Breese also traveled overseas on a shoe string with nothing but a back pack for many years, searching for truth and exploring the nature of consciousness. She led the life of a modern day wandering sadhu, experiencing the adventure that came in life. She then returned at the age of 28 to college where she earned degrees in both Audio Engineering and another in Film and Video Production. Breese worked in the entertainment industry for a while meeting many famous people, and serving as crew on films, commercials, and TV shows. However, it wasn’t long before she again returned to her main interest… spirituality.

In small intimate groups, Breese began to teach meditation techniques again to others. She created a metaphysical newsletter, Starlight Journal and produced and directed the series Spirit Talk TV, A Metaphysical Talk Show. Shortly after, Universal Church Of Metaphysics and University Of Metaphysical Sciences were born.

Since then, Christine Breese has worked on more books, CDs, and is planning a spiritual movie production in 2009. She also continues to facilitate retreats and workshops at various centers in the United States. Her main goal is to assist spiritual seekers in discovering themselves and learn how to stay in the now moment at all times.

Christine Breese offers free internet video satsangs at and if you would like transcripts of all the videos, please visit where you can read written versions of what is said in the videos.


8 thoughts on “Christine Breese Biography

  1. From my heart to your heart and of the one heart…gratitude… a fellow soul in a human body, loving the human experience, I rejoice that your words and integrity are so available to the seeker…to help us all remember who we trully are…..thank you


  2. Hello! I always wondered how life went for you after the family moved… I’d go by the old place and wish you were still around. I searched one day and wow, here you are! So if you’d like to say hello, please, please do. 🙂


  3. Hi i just find your video yesterday onthe google wath is give me some energy wath is very needed to me cos i feel at the moment WHY happening many bad thinks with me WHY i m here howe i live my life i have no job i divorced after 23 years i have no love i have nothing but i have 2 beautifol children hwo is adult now so they live them life and i dont know my life i dont know where going my life its very hard live my life now i feel im a wortless so it a better if i dont live


  4. Christine,
    I viewed some of your YouTube videos recently and was very impressed. Your teachings have helped me lots. Looking forward to hearing and watching more of your videos. Thanks, Joan


  5. Christine,
    you bring the message so open and clear that i couldnot miss it !
    Find your innerSelf consciousness (happened to be christconciousness)
    stay with it…..etc., and i appreciate it so much, that you keep standing
    amindst all the flaws and hoaxes…
    loving you..

    Hans (rotterdam holland)


  6. hello christine,

    Your videos are really precious ,i liked especially video nr.2 about
    the biljonair ,it was just the insight that i needed…
    It set me free from lod stuff !
    i sure love you..
    thanks ..bye bye


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