Two Levels of Peace in You

Christine Breese says on Quora: Peace is something that comes and goes, it can be there one moment, then gone the next and again it can come back in only a moment. There are two kinds of peace, one that is really deep down, knowing who you are, feeling trust in the universe, and faith in yourself and spirit. This is a peace that is deeper than the human mind, a peace in your spirit, or a peace that you might think of that is in your heart, but really it’s in your soul, a peace that is in your deepest levels of self.

Then there is the peace that is at the human level, a peace that might be more akin to being “peace of mind.” This peace is the peace that is found in a person’s daily life, when the human life is either going well, a person is surrendered to what is happening even if it isn’t good and knows that this too shall pass, or a state of mind where faith is present even though a person doesn’t know what’s next or is in a “waiting space.”

I feel a peace at all times in the deeper part of myself, because I have made peace with my past, I’m not afraid of the future for the most part, and I try to live in he present as much as possible, and any time I want to be in peace this place in me is always there, no matter what is going on or whether I am in the human level of peace of mind or not. So in a way, peace is always there at any moment we want to feel it, in all of us, and it can be had any moment we want it.

However, I find that I am at peace at the human level more often when I don’t allow people to be in my life or presence who disturb my peace, that’s for sure! I am learning to control the types of people who are allowed to be around me more, and I don’t keep trying with people who disturb my peace anymore. I used to give people a thousand chances to be people who CONTIRBUTE to my peace rather than detract from my peace, but nowadays, hmmm… people don’t get a lot of chances to disturb my peace before I send them out of my life.

I just had a huge reminder lesson from spirit on how important this is. I let a very toxic person be around me for far too long, a person I gave work too, he was just using my good graces to hoard more and more money, and I kept hoping the person would finally just “get it” and be in his heart in this work since I could see so much potential, but finally I had to just give up, as it was too disturbing my peace. Of course this person made a big mess and was mad about not getting the money anymore, and still kept tentacles and chords in my reality for quite a long time to keep trying to steal my hard earned customers, it’s pretty snaky, but a person like this finally had to be removed and I’m still working with getting this person’s chords out of my reality, and protecting my work from this person, it’s getting there soon, I just have to be patient, and it’s disturbing my human level of peace, but that peace that is underlying everything in my soul, well, that’s just always there.

So to preserve your human level of people, only have people in your life who CONTRIBUTE to your peace instead of disturb your peace from now on. Life is too short to be around people, situations, or compromises where we are not feeling peaceful in our lives. The soul level of peace, well, that’s always there and all we have to do is tune into it and enjoy!

Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. You can also view her Christine Breese Youtube Videos or visit her website here.


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