Some Stress Healthy, Some Stress Unhealthy

Christine Breese says on Quora: First, if you are in a stressful situation, something is wrong. You are either working too hard, you are in an environment that isn’t healthy for you, or you are around people who are not good for you. So it is time to take a look at whether life is needing some adjustments, which it sounds like it is time for. If you are stressed out, you are not enjoying your life, and if you are not enjoying your life, well, then, that’s missing the whole point of life!

That said, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t stressful points in your life that are natural and can’t be helped, especially if you do things like launch a new business, start a new project, or take on some kind of responsibility that may be truly something you are led by spirit to do. Not all stress is avoidable, especially if you try to do something good for the world, important, or something that will make your life better in the long run, and in the moment you are pushing through that tough spot to get to greener pastures later, like working two jobs so you can have the money you need to launch a new business, or working really hard to create something new. There are moments in life where SOME stress is ok, and actually quite in order as you push the envelope to create a new chapter in your life, or if you walk into the unknown and have no idea where you’re going next in life because you are ending an old chapter and the new one hasn’t quite started yet. The unknown forays in life can also be stressful.

So look at whether this stress you are under is avoidable or not. If it is, make the changes. Simplify life so you don’t have to work so hard, perhaps, lower the standard of living to a point that makes the living you have to earn more comfortable perhaps. If you are ending an old chapter in life and have no idea what’s next and that is what is stressful, let go, have faith and just take a breath and relax. You have survived many challenges and uncertain situations in the past, so you will survive this one too. Just relax. If you are starting a new chapter and it’s hard work, remember what you’re working toward and get that support system around you as quickly as possible.

For instance, I am under a lot of stress in the moment because I’m literally doing the work of ten people! I opened a retreat center (Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center at and whenever you start something this big it’s going to be stressful as your support system gathers around you. I am almost there now, with all the staff coming into place that is needed so I don’t have to work around the clock without a break pretty soon, and then all the hard work and stress of the past 4 years will calm down because I have pushed a really huge project into manifestation that wasn’t going to be done by sitting around drinking tea and smelling roses! It was “shirt sleeves rolled up, construction hat on, and huge learning curve brain cells in action” kind of work. There was no other way to manifest something like this into being. However, I was ok with the stress because:

1.) I knew it would end at some point, I had a goal in sight and was working toward that goal and

2.) I was fulfilling a lifelong desire to create something like this, serving my life purpose. It was my dharma to create a retreat center in addition to the school.

I remember back when I was creating University of Metaphysical Sciences ( and the same situation was happening then. I was really stressed out for about 3 years getting it started, working around the clock, then the next couple years were still pretty tough, a lot of work, but at least I had a good support system around me at that point, and now the University of Metaphysical Sciences is very hands free for me since there is a solid staff who run it without me having to be so involved in the day to day affairs anymore. I just make the executive decisions and yes, I am now and then involved in visionary expansions of the school as they happen, but then it is done and the work calms down again, and I’m able to focus on other things. That was a VERY hard project to get going though when it first started, no easy task. It was very stressful, but a healthy stress because I was manifesting a very big project in the world.

So make sure that if you’re under stress, it’s for a good reason and not just a waste of your energy or spinning your wheels!

If you are accomplishing something big like changing your life, or creating a new project, just accept that it’s there for the moment and know that it will pass when your manifestation takes root in physical reality and isn’t just an idea anymore. Sometimes we do have to work very hard for things in life, but in the end it’s worth it.

If you are spinning your wheels, have gotten yourself into a hole, and not really going anywhere in life or accomplishing anything, but you are under a lot of stress, then it’s time to look at what you need to change.

Do you need to:

  1. change your lifestyle so it doesn’t need quite so much money to maintain, and therefor you won’t have to work so hard?
  2. look at changing the relationships around you and remove toxic people from your life who create stress in your reality?
  3. take less responsibilities and say no to things that you really don’t have the energy to take on? Do you say yes to too many people who ask you to do things for them?
  4. are you approaching something in a way that if you could approach in a smarter and more efficient way? Is there something you can do more efficiently?
  5. If you were to give yourself some advice on how to remove some of, or even all, stress from your life, what would your advice be to yourself? Write it out on a piece of paper as if your higher self is speaking to you and giving you advice.

There are many questions you can ask yourself to find where you are stressing yourself out unnecessarily. This is a time to take stock and look at whether changes are needed in your life now. Life was not meant to be such a huge chore! You were meant to have a lot of fun and happiness here on Earth. So figure out how you can enjoy your life and make the changes that need to happen if you are in a state of stress, or assess whether it’s a healthy and temporary stress that creating something new brings, and it’s just a momentary part of your life. If it’s not something that is going to be temporary, time to make changes. — Christine Breese


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