Christine Breese, God Is Not Outside Of You

God Is Not Outside Of You
Spiritual Cinema Video Satsang by Christine Breese
Who Are You? Self Inquiry Ramana Maharshi, Maharishi Advaita Vedanta
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Don’t trust the mind, the mind is not to be trusted. It’s the great trickster, the coyote, and it’s here to fool you. It’s designed that way on purpose. You couldn’t forget who you are if you didn’t have the mind.

So don’t see you mind as an enemy. See it as an ally to help you wake up within the dream, within the lucid dream that life is. Life is a lucid dream for the soul, or deeper self, higher self…whatever you want to call it…everyone has a different name for it…but this higher self is not separate from you, it’s not out there, and your’re bringing it in. It’s already here…it’s the whole self, it’s not a deeper self, it’s not a higher self, it’s not a separate self, it’s not a different self at all. It’s the container that holds all of it. It holds the mind, it holds the emotions, it holds the experiences of each life, it holds the experiences of other live. You’re already here!

You’re already awake, it is only a perception that you are asleep, that you are seeking enlightenment…it’s only a perception, it’s only a point of view, that you’re on a journey, trying to move forward, into enlightenment. It’s an illusion that you’re not enlightened. This is the cosmic joke of it all. But fortunately, you’ll be the one laughing.

Let go of this search, this idea that you have to “find yourself,” or bring some higher self in, or bring some deeper self forward…that’s not it. It’s about waking up to what you already are, what is already here, the awareness that’s right here, right now…it’s not outside of you.  —Christine Breese

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